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Beta interferon

Our consultants include:

Grad students and postdocs

Medical students and residents

IP and corporate attorneys

Scientists and businesspeople with experience in the biotech industry

Select past projects

Finance and fundraising support
A healthcare-focused spinout of megacap tech company was raising a growth round and evaluating options for financing a major project
Investment diligence
Client was evaluating a Series B investment into clinical-stage small molecule therapeutics company
BD and fundraising support
Late-stage molecular diagnostics startup (now a public company) was raising a growth round and looking for ex-US partners

Paid consulting projects with biotech investors and startups

Supplement your income

All of our projects are paid. Even if you have no industry experience, your technical expertise is highly valuable. We encourage all consultants to charge a rate that adequately values their expertise.

Learn about biotech startups and VC

Learn by doing. Because our projects are paid, the projects are important to our clients' businesses -- not academic exercises. We enjoy helping people learn, and enjoy learning from others.

Build your network

Our project teams are small and cross-functional. You may work with a drug hunter with 30 years of experience or a brilliant scientist from the lab next to yours. We try to present to clients in person as much as possible.

Advance your career

Consulting is a great way to support yourself financially while you build your network and find your next job. Consulting can also help pay the bills while you start a company.

Core team

We started this consulting agency after working on a few projects together and realizing how much fun it is. Our goal is to meet interesting people and work on cool projects (and get paid while we're at it!). We are serious about our work and commitment to delivering high quality results to clients, but we like to have fun while doing so.

Most importantly, we value every person who works with us -- we care more about working with great people than making money or building our resumes.

Richard Murphey is a former biotech venture / growth investor, co-founder of a venture-backed biotherapeutics startup, and has supported several biotech startups as an independent consultant. He has been involved with venture investments in Kythera, Aptalis, and Raptor Pharmaceuticals among others.

Vandon Duong is the Managing Partner at Mythos Biotechnology Fund, an investment fund consisting of graduate and medical students and postdocs from Stanford University. Vandon is a Bioengineering PhD student (co-advised in protein and cell engineering labs) and Stanford Graduate Fellow.

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