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We maintain a database of venture investment into biopharma startups as well as exits (M&A and IPOs). Check out our biopharma startup funding and exit dashboard to stay updated on the startup and VC market.

Below are a few tools we've built to allow you to interact with the data. We use the database primarily for internal purposes but have a limited API for a few specific queries. If you are interested in learning more about the database, contact us.

Who will fund your startup?

See which investors fund companies like yours. This is best for Series A rounds and beyond, data for seed rounds is more sparse. All of these investors have funded at least one therapeutics company since January 2018.

Which startups might be hiring?

Search for recently funded startups (have raised venture money since January 2018). These companies may or may not be hiring, but typically companies hire aggressively after a fundraise.

Our data has good coverage of Series A rounds and beyond, but it is harder to find data on seed funding. Most of the active Series A investors in biotech do seed investing as well, but often in companies they create in-house. In the last few years, tech VCs have become more active seed investors in biotech. A tech fund called Nfx has a decent list of tech seed investors who have done some biotech, although it is not therapeutics focused and their coverage of Series A and later rounds is a bit sparse.

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Learning about biotech venture capital

If you are a biotech startup, you'll likely have to invest significant capital in R&D before you can generate revenue. To fund this work, you'll probably need venture capital.

But venture capitalists only invest in specific types of companies, and they expect companies they invest in to grow very aggressively. To understand whether raising venture capital is the right move for your company, it helps to understand how VCs work.

Much has been written about tech venture capital, but there is not nearly as much public info on biotech VC. I've tried to curate some of the best info here.

Resources on how to start a biotech startup

There is a ton of information online about how to start a tech company. But there is very little on how to start biotech companies. Some of the advice on starting tech companies is relevant for biotech, but some of it can actually be harmful. Here I'll highlight some resources I find relevant for biotech startups.

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