The easiest way to build biotech models

Build sophisticated biotech valuation models in the browser. Then download a fully built Excel model, customized with your inputs.

Faster and easier than Excel templates

Customizing Excel templates is painful. Even if you have your own trusted template, our tool is faster and easier.

Build in the browser, share in Excel

Build a fully functional DCF model in the browser, complete with program-level income statements, and risk-adjusted discounted cash flows.

View inputs and outputs side-by-side to get the model just right -- without touching excel. When you're done, download a fully built spreadsheet to share with your team.

See which milestones drive the most value

Should you prioritize your Phase 1 oncology program, or a Phase 2 in Alzheimer's? See the returns of investing in each phase of each program, and which programs drive the most value for the company as a whole.

Institutional quality

We've built hundreds of models as investment bankers and institutional investors. Our models and templates are trusted by thousands of investors including top biotech funds, LPs, startups and big pharma companies.

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Create valuation models in the browser for biotech companies with one development program

View limited output charts

Browser only

Create valuation models in the browser for biotech companies with multiple development programs

View all output charts

$120 / month

Browser + excel

Model valuation of company with multiple programs

View all output charts

Download fully functional, customized Excel models

$375 / month

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