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Recent event: building and investing in biotech startups

Hear how top biotech VCs evaluate science and build companies

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Panel moderated by Michael Hostetler, WSGR:

  • David Allison, 5AM Ventures
  • Dan Becker, New Leaf Ventures
  • Sarah Bhagat, Sofinnova
  • Mira Chaurushiya, 5AM Ventures

Closing remarks by Karl Handelsman, Roche Venture Fund

Thanks to our sponsor, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati

Topics covered:

Overview of biotech venture capital

1:42 Panel start

2:56 Panelist introductions

15:00 How to get into venture

18:51 Getting in front of VCs

23:10 How early-stage funds source deals

25:12 How VCs start companies

30:14 Accelerators and incubators

What do VCs look for

31:29 What do late-stage funds look for?

33:07 What do early-stage funds look for?

34:33 What do VCs look for in a team?

37:39 How do VCs evaluate deals?

Advice for founders

42:06 Advice for first-time scientific founders

43:52 Value of grit

46:25 How to handle feedback

49:33 How long does it take VCs to make an investment?

Trends and opportunities

51:23 Interesting trends in biotech

52:07 Opportunities in CNS / neuro

55:37 Next-gen immuno-oncology

56:25 Getting to clinical proof of concept faster and cheaper

59:15 Precision medicine -- what it really means and why it matters

1:00:02 Programming organisms, new therapeutic modalities

1:00:42 Digital therapeutics -- need for evidence


1:02:45 What makes a great team?

1:07:38 Biotech VCs vs. angel investors

1:10:17 IP for early-stage companies

1:14:11 IP for late-stage companies

1:16:04 IP attorney's thoughts on startup IP

1:17:39 Valuing platforms vs products

Closing remarks: Karl Handelsman

1:23:31 The case for the entrepreneur

1:25:47 Lean startup principles applied to biotech