Supporting the next generation of biotech entrepreneurs

Our 10-week programs connect young biologists and bioengineers with VCs and successful entrepreneurs to explore venture hypotheses.

Students come from top research institutions:

Alums have joined leading companies, including:

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What happens in our programs?

Structured networking in an informal setting

Connect with professionals over your shared interest in science. Most of the VCs we meet were recently grad students or postdocs. Guest speakers include pharma corp dev, investment bankers, and entrepreneurs.

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Learn how biotech VCs and entrepreneurs start companies

Investors from 4 of the 8 most active early-stage biotech funds have hosted visits or provided project topics. Guest speakers have ranged from a serial entrepreneur with 3 billion-dollar+ exits to a founder who raised 8-figures before finishing his PhD.

Learn about the biopharma industry

Lectures and educational content to get you up to speed on the business and finance of biotech. We'll try to make as much of this public as possible through our blog, startup database and other resources.

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Explore new areas of science

You're encouraged to be curious and get out of your scientific comfort zone. The only rule is that no one can work on projects from their lab. Everyone is on a level playing field, learning new things together, and sharing expertise from different disciplines.

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