About me

Hi! I'm Richard Murphey. I majored in Economics and can barely use a pipette, but I stumbled into biopharma in my first job out of college and never looked back. Now I wish I majored in biology and CS and got a PhD!

Over the last thirteen years, I've worked in venture, at venture-backed startups (as a co-founder, first employee and independent consultant), in investment banking, and with Google -- all in life sciences -- and have loved every minute of it (except for a few investment banking all-nighters *).

I started Bay Bridge Bio to share my passion for biopharma and create a "melting pot" where talented people from a variety of backgrounds can connect over a shared interest in entrepreneurship and emerging science. Today, we are fortunate to work with an incredible group of clients ranging from grad students starting their first company to pre-IPO startups negotiating venture rounds to university endowments looking to access private biotech markets.

Outside of biopharma, I enjoy playing and watching soccer, learning about computers, and exploring San Diego with my wife and daughter.

* to prevent other investment bankers from debugging models at 3 am, I wrote software to automatically build DCF models