Biotech investor database

See how public and private biotech investors are performing with deal-level returns data, exit proceeds, check sizes and performance metrics for thousands of public and private biotech investors.

Trusted by university endowments, top-tier consulting firms and leading biotech investors.

See which investments drive returns

Analyze portfolio concentration and returns distribution. Which funds returned with a single investment? Which funds hit consistent doubles and triples?

Entry valuations and check sizes

Analyze fund strategy and competitiveness with valuations and check size data for hundreds of rounds.

Fund investment preferences

Break down fund portfolios by therapeutic area, development stage, location and deal stage.

View investment activity

Details on investment activity since January 2018, including therapeutic area, stage and co-investors.

Deal comps

Biopharma-focused M&A, IPO and venture comps covering hundreds of billions of dollars in investments and exits.

  • IPO comps sortable by therapeutic modality, therapeutic area and development stage. Includes valuations of private rounds through IPO.
  • M&A comps sortable by therapeutic area and development stage.
  • Recent startup funding sortable by therapeutic area, deal stage and development stage.

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