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With $14B invested in biopharma startups in 2019, biotech is the second largest sector of venture capital after software. But there is virtually no overlap between the top biotech VCs and the top tech VCs: traditional tech VCs lead less than 10% of Series A investments in biopharma startups.

Our investor lists include hundreds of biotech investors that have invested over $34B in biotech startups since January 2018. Many have recently raised large new funds.

We also include details on the startups these investors funded, including therapeutic area and development stage.

Our lists are specific to biopharma and our coverage is comparable to that of enterprise-grade solutions.

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Over $34B has been invested in biopharma startups worldwide from 2018 through Q1 2020. But a fragmented, quickly changing investor landscape makes it difficult to target the right investors.

The funding landscape is evolving quickly, with Chinese investors retreating, US biotech VCs increasing their activity, and generalist tech VCs playing a larger role.

Our comprehensive, manually vetted lists of investors in biopharma startups help you stay on top of these changes and find the right investors for your company.

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Bay Bridge Bio supports the next generation of biotech entrepreneurs.

We organize free events and educational programs that connect PhD students and postdocs with leading biotech venture funds and experienced entrepreneurs to build relationships, find jobs, and start companies.

We created this database as part of our educational content for grad students and postdocs. We made this data available for purchase based on requests from companies interested in this data.

Our coverage of biopharma venture funding is comparable to that of enterprise-grade databases. All of our data is reviewed manually before being pushed to the database.

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