Partner with recently funded biopharma startups

List of biopharma startups that have raised $24B in venture capital since 2018

Partner with venture-backed biopharma startups

Over $24B has been invested in biopharma startups worldwide from 2018 through June 2019. When startups raise money, they quickly ramp up hiring and spending.

In many cases, startups select vendors and partners before cash is in the bank. Since startups raise new capital on average every 18 months, it makes sense to get in front of companies shortly after a recent fundraise.

Our comprehensive, manually vetted list of recently funded biopharma startups helps you get in front of potential partners, employers or investments before they decide on new hires or vendors.

Excel files with deal overviews of $24B worth of VC investments:

About Bay Bridge Bio

Bay Bridge Bio supports the next generation of biotech entrepreneurs.

We organize free events and educational programs that connect PhD students and postdocs with leading biotech venture funds and experienced entrepreneurs to build relationships, find jobs, and start companies.

We created this database as part of our educational content for grad students and postdocs. We made this data available for purchase based on requests from companies interested in this data.

Our coverage of biopharma venture funding is comparable to that of enterprise-grade databases, but we provide our data at prices that are affordable for small companies. All of our data is reviewed manually before being pushed to the database.

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Recently funded biopharma startups

List of recently funded biopharma startups (Excel file, 382 deals)

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