Valuations of over 150 recent biopharma venture rounds

Detailed financial profiles of 75+ venture-backed biopharma startups that went public in 2018 and 2019

Profiles include:

  • Estimated valuations of 150+ private venture rounds

  • Amount invested in each round by major venture investors

  • Breakdown of R&D spend by program and functional area

  • Company info: therapeutic area, development stage, therapeutic modality, and more

  • IPO info: proceeds, valuation, underwriters, post-IPO performance, and more

Negotiate better deals

Get an information advantage with estimated valuations of over 150 recent venture investments in biopharma startups.

Make your funding go farther

Benchmark your financial plan with data on R&D and SG&A spend for 75+ startups.

Includes breakdown of R&D spend by functional area for 50+ companies.

Find the right investors and syndicate partners

Understand how much potential investors invest, and at what valuation, with data on venture investments by major investors.

Access IPO profiles in excel

2018-2019 IPO package

Profiles of 79 VC-backed biopharma startups that raised at least $50M in US IPOs in 2018 and 2019

Purchase 2018-2019 IPO package: $350

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About our data

Our data is provided in excel. All data is manually reviewed before inclusion into our database to ensure quality.

Our data is drawn from publicly available sources. Not all data is available for all companies.

Valuation data is estimated based on preferred price per share, common shares outstanding, options in the option pool, and other dilutive shares (warrants, shares issued as consideration for license agreements, etc.). For more about our methodology, contact us using the form below.

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