Value investing in biotech stocks

Find biotech stocks that can survive -- and potentially thrive -- in market downturns.

Find values amidst market turmoil

There are over 100 biotech companies trading below cash, and many more down 50%+ in the last year.

See which ones will survive the bear market -- and which won't -- with screens for companies trading below or near cash, that have enough runway to wait out the bear market, and more.

Screen by development stage and therapeutic area

What are the highest and lowest valued Phase 2 oncology companies? Which neuro companies are most promising? Screen by therapeutic area and development stage in addition to financial metrics.

Track institutional holders

Who are the major institutional holders of a stock? Are they buying or selling?

See which companies have strong shareholder bases that can keep cash-burning companies alive.

Analyze investor portfolios

Which investors are buying and selling early-stage biotech stocks? Who is a long-term holder, and who focuses on short-term flips?

Select a plan

Stock screener

Biotech stock screener

View institutional holders

$75 / month

Public investor analyzer

Everything in "Stock screener" plan plus:

Institutional investor portfolio summary

Biotech IPO investment activity

Portfolio history

M&A and IPO comps

$150 / month

Private investor analyzer

Everything in "Public investor analyzer" plan plus:

Private investor performance metrics

Deal-level returns for private investments

Investment activity and profiles for thousands of private investors

Private investor fund info, check sizes, exits and recent deals

$480 / month

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