This is a running list of biopharma startups that have raised significant venture funding in 2018. I update this manually from press releases so will there will likely be a lag in updating this, and I'll certainly miss some. If I missed anything let me know!

This list can hopefully be useful in a few ways:

By way of commentary, I'll just add that 2018 is on pace to be the best year ever for biopharma startup funding. As of April 26, investors have invested over $5B in biopharma startups. For reference, biopharma startups raised over $10B in 2017, VR/AR startups raised $1.9B in 2016, and AI startups raised $5B in 2016. Almost $2B of this has been Series A investments (a company's first venture round, although these days companies are raising seven-figure "seed" rounds before a Series A) with an average / median deal size of $54M / $39M.

Sources: Company websites, press releases, Endpoints News, Fierce Biotech, Stat News.