List of select Parkinson's disease drugs in development

Below is a spreadsheet with a list of 30 clinical trials of novel drugs to treat Parkinson's disease. The second tab lists 25 preclinical companies working on Parkinson's. The spreadsheet is embedded below. There's also a link to download.

Bay Bridge Bio is currently doing a landscape analysis of Parkinson's therapies, including analysis of clinical data, evidence supporting the target's role in Parkinson's, timeline to approval, preclinical data, patient population, etc.

This landscape analysis can help you:

  • Identify the most promising Parkinson's drugs: a detailed review of novel Parkinson's drugs in development including review of clinical data, mechanism of action and intended patient population
  • Monitor the competitive landscape: understand the clinical profile of development-stage drugs and when new data may change the landscape
  • Stay on top of upcoming catalysts: timeline of upcoming clinical catalysts and what to look for when new data is released

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Learn more about the Parkinson's landscape analysis

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The data on Parkinson's clinical trials comes from We manually added the column "mechanism of action". We've only included studies of drugs (ie no devices or behavioral interventions) and removed studies of approved drugs in new indications (eg reformulated carbidopa/levodopa, also studies of approved drugs treating Parkinson's symptoms like GI issues, overactive bladder, etc.). The data on preclinical companies comes from my startup database. This is not an exhaustive list.

You can download the spreadsheet here: