Biotech Startup School

February-April 2020

A free online course on how to start a biotech startup, featuring lectures and panel discussions from leading biotech entrepreneurs and VCs

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Practical, actionable advice for biotech founders

In this free 10-week program, you will learn how leading biotech VCs and entrepreneurs build companies. Each lecture will feature a speaker with direct experience building, funding or supporting successful biotech startups.

Topics include:

How biotech VCs evaluate startup ideas and create companies

How to raise money from biotech VCs as a young founder

Best practices for licensing technology from universities

Essential strategies for building an IP portfolio

Drug discovery and development 101

The basics of clinical trial design

How breakthroughs in software engineering and bioinformatics are changing how biotech startups are built

Each event will have a live audience in the Bay Area and will be recorded and available for free online. The program will run from February through April 2020.

We'll be announcing speakers and logistics over the next few weeks. Sign up to stay posted.

Who is this for?

Biotech Startup School is a way for any founder, no matter where you live or where you are in your entrepreneurial journey, to learn more about best practices for biotech entrepreneurship.

Most of the content will be specific to biotherapeutics. But this content will be relevant for any biotech startup that won't have revenue or users for years, and that doesn't want to "move fast and break things" when it comes to human health.

We know that you are busy, and you may not even be sure if starting a company is right for you. We designed this course with that in mind -- because the lectures are all available for free online, you can go through them at your own pace, with no commitment.

We also know that it can be hard to find other people who are in the process of starting a biotech company. Our events will be recorded with a live audience in the Bay Area, so if you are local, you'll have many opportunities to network with other current and potential entrepreneurs.

If you have already started a company, or know that you'd like to do so in the near-term, we are putting together some resources to help you get your startup off the ground. Stay posted for more details.

About Biotech Startup School

Since 2017, Bay Bridge Bio has been organizing programs to connect grad students and postdocs with biotech VCs to learn about the industry and find jobs. We've also organized events and panel discussions on biotech VC and startups.

We often get asked whether we plan on offering programs to people outside of the Bay Area. And investors and entrepreneurs have expressed interest in sharing their stories with a broader audience. Biotech Startup School is a way for us to accomplish both of these things.

This course is not formally affiliated with any university or company. The program is organized by Bay Bridge Bio. Bay Bridge Bio was started in 2017 as a way for Berkeley students to connect with the Bay Area biotech community. Our mission is to help more young scientists and entrepreneurs find jobs and start biotech companies.

The program is funded by industry sponsors. If you are an organization interested in sharing your services with a large, global audience of current and aspiring biotech founders, get in touch here to learn how we can help.